OzBIinds’ Roman blinds page is honest and open about this style. Since they’re not as cheap as some other types of blinds, it’s important that pricing is made very clear, and thankfully that’s the case on this site page. Although there are not quite as many blinds listed as for some of the cheaper styles, those that are listed are obviously of good quality.

The accompanying photographs are extremely helpful to people considering installing blockout Roman blinds, and there’s no hard sell – OzBIinds obviously has plenty of confidence in the quality of its products.

The section at the bottom of this page explaining how Roman blinds can best be used is welcome, giving useful advice that doesn’t just feel like extra advertising. Given the durability of this style, the site owners have taken the trouble to talk about the safety features they include – this will be especially good news if you have children in your home.

Once you’ve decided to buy Roman blinds and have decided on a style, there’s a simple “Buy Now” button, which will take you to a product page where you can enter precise measurements.

The impression this page leaves is positive and reassuring.


Robert Gombos

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