As a graduate of marketing, I need to build a portfolio, that is, rich in working experience and good ratings. Since it is hard to get a job after I graduate, I work at a company as an intern, and I also provide with services at websites that help me enrich my CV. One of the websites, I work for is At, I write slogans for businesses and once my slogans are accepted, I receive a payment.

I work at because I get experience that I can use for getting a job. I can impress my employer once I get a job as I have an experience in which slogans work and which slogans don’t work.

Slogans are very important for businesses and if the slogans that I write at are accepted, I can use the success ratio on to apply for a job. I increase my chances of getting a job since I digress from the rest of the applicants.


Once I write a slogan, the businessmen that order slogans vote for the best slogan. When my slogan is accepted, I get a rating from the businessmen. Although I don’t earn a lot of money from, the real prize is the experience and that I improve my creativity by constantly coming up with good slogans.

If you’re a graduate of marketing, I recommend you to enrich your CV and to increase your chances of getting a job. As more and more people get a college degree with high ratings from businesses in writing slogans, you increase your chances of getting the job you dream of. So register at and start getting your marketing experience that is going to take you to your dream job.


Robert Gombos

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