Yolloy is the inflatable manufacture company which tries to provide the best inflatable products to the customers. We believe in innovations and try to gratify the customers with reliable products. We produce different inflatable tents and toys with secured raw materials.

We normally produce outdoor inflatable tents, Outdoor Inflatable Tents, Portable Planetarium Dome, Clear Inflatable Dome Tent, Inflatable Water Park Toys, Interactive Sport Games, Commercial Inflatable Slides, Inflatable Jumping Castle, Inflatable Bounce House, Inflatable Paintball Bunkers, Inflatable Advertising Mode , Mascot Cartoon Costumes, etc. Inflatable tents are the most appealing products of YOLLOY.

Different sort of inflatable tents are available in our company. Outdoor inflatable tents and clear inflatable dome tents are the types of tents produced in our company.

Outdoor inflatable tents: Outdoor inflatable tents are well designed and well shaped. People can easily carry it’s easily transportation system. Most of the time it is shaped as cube, dome, oval, tunnel. Its numerous variety appeals the customer easily. You can easily install the tent anywhere.

As it is transportable you can take it where you want. YOLLOY made different types of outdoor inflatable tents for concert, dinner party, garage, car painting, car washing emergency cover. In every product we use fire resistant PVC tarpaulin which is secured for the products.

Some of outdoor inflatable tents are IT-044, (Inflatable Cube tent for event), IT-043,(Air support dome building inflatable igloo for event), IT-352,(Inflatable Swimming Pool Enclosure Retractable),IT-351,(white inflatable paintball arena sport hall tent),IT-021-2,(Big inflatable marquee tent white for wedding event),IT-350,Big white event tent in Cube shape for weddingIT-042,(Portable inflatable garage)IT-034,(Inflatable cube tent big event and concert structure),IT-033,(outdoor family Inflatable camping tent)IT-326,(Outdoor sleep camping lodge)IT-324,(Inflatable Igloo tent)IT-320,(Outdoor inflatable camping unit),IT-314,(Inflatable cube movie, projection tent)IT-315,(Inflatable Exhibition Clamshell building),IT-306(Emergency Refugee tents inflatable air structure),IT-305,(inflatable outdoor shower tent decontamination),IT-303,(outdoor emergency decon shower system for 1 man),IT-302 (1 man shower system for decontamination),IT-301 (decontamination tent, inflatable emergency shelter),IT-209,(Party Inflatable Marquee, shelter tent for sports events. Their price is too reasonable to buy.  Customers can provide design to us we produce the product according to their design.

Clear inflatable dome tents: Clear bubbles tents are known as clear inflatable dome tents. You can use it for plenty of purposes. It is well designed by the designer of YOLLOY. Before the shipment it has been examined again and again for providing good products to the customers. It is vastly used for company’s promotional event.

It is also used in different occasions as like as new year’s celebration, Christmas’s celebration etc. some of the clear inflatable tents are CT-025-2 (inflatable Christmas snow globe), CT-037( inflatable devonshire dome wedding tent light dome), CT-018(Clear bubble tree linflatable lawn tent for camping), IT-177(inflatable clear bubble tent), IT-176(inflatable beach sunset and camping clear tent), IT-1519transparent double layer inflatable dome tent), IT-150 (transparent PVC inflatable Dome tent for Lawn camping), CT-036 (portable performance ball clear inflatable dome), CT-031 (Transparent inflatable show ball for promotion event), CT-030 (clear inflatable lawn bubble tent for outdoor), CT-029 (clear inflatable dancer bubble ball), CT-028 (inflatable snow globe),CT-027(large inflatable life size snow globes or domes), CT-026 (outdoor inflatable life size christmas snow globes),CT-025 (transparent inflatable snow globe tent for camping), CT-024 (large Clear roof inflatable igloo tent and tunnel), CT-023 (airtight clear dome tent with ground sheet), CT-022 (Double Inflatable Bubble Lodge Tents), CT-021( inflatable tent clear bubble lawn dome), CT-020(Double layer airtight inflatable clear dome tent).


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