For girls and women these days, there are numerous shoe options to choose from, and one just does not have to stick to the stereotype and predictable pairs, the Melanie Griffith style, if you know what it means. With the corporate lifestyle becoming more flexible than ever, it has just become much easier for the women and girls to pick their favorite shoes out from their wardrobe without having to think twice while choosing what to wear to office.

However, one must always keep in mind that while being fashionable at work is not a problem these days, one must not completely discard or forget about the official dressing ethics, which also applies on the shoes you wear at work. Do not worry about the fashion quotient that your shoes for work would reflect, because there are unique and exclusive designs available these days, which does not only look smart and official, but also fashionable and trendy at the same time.

And, it is a good idea to have a few pairs of shoes for office, because what might go with trousers might not go with skirts, and so on. You do not want to mismatch or become the benchmark of fashion disaster at office, so always give in sometime to pair up what you would be wearing at office. Not only would it make you look more confident, it would also help in making that impressive impression in front of clients, in conferences, and during business meetings. There are certain factors you might want to consider while going in to buy shoes for wearing at work. Here are those few factors –

  • The shoes you buy should match with your personality and your clothing style in general.
  • The shoes should be comfortable. If you are not comfortable with heels, do not buy them.
  • If you like colors, choose one solid color. A graffiti design type shoes might not always be something you would want to wear to work. It might look out of place in serious corporate settings at time.
  • Buy a pair of shoes that you can wear for long hours, without pain or discomfort of any type.
  • If you buy shoelaces along with the shoe, make sure to buy a few more, in case the old ones get worn out.
  • Buy shoes that are within your budget. Staying within the budget is important, so that you can buy shoes of same brand again when needed. It helps in showcasing consistency in your style and fashion sense.

These are the few pointers you might want to keep in mind while going in to buy shoes you would be wearing at work. There are generally, few variants of shoe styles that are popular among working women, which are as follows.

  • Modest Heels
  • Dress Boots
  • Loafers
  • Oxfords
  • Leather Ballet Flats
  • Closed Toe Heels
  • High Heeled Boots (For Winters)
  • Printed Heels
  • Ballerina Shoes with shoelaces

These are the few shoe styles that would definitely help you find something for yourself. What you buy also depends a lot on the kind of body type you have, and what you generally chose to wear. If what you wear is not in this list, then you are definitely going wrong somewhere or you just might be stuck in your comfort zone, too uncomfortable to come out. Do know that even if your office has a very casual vibe, do not get too carried away and respect the ethical dressing code. Here are the few footwear tips that can help you choose the footwear, which is comfortable and stylish at the same time.

  • Avoid wearing shoes with a very pointy top. It would give less space to fit in your toes, and this might develop into bunions or neuromas in the near future.
  • Avoid wearing shoes that has open backs. This would need more gripping, and in the long term can develop hammer toes and foot tension, which is something you definitely do not want. Buying simple neutral shoes with coloured shoelaces is also a bold idea for power dressings on Friday.
  • If you experience too much wobbling, you might want to try shoes with better and more balanced heels.
  • The state of the feet would improve greatly when you wear shoes with a heel that is one inch lesser than your usual style.
  • Wearing handmade flat shoes to office that are Italian made is your best bet in any kind of corporate settings. They don’t only look fashionable and trendy, but also elegant and graceful at the same time. And, no matter what you wear, it is sure to complement it in style.

These are the few things for women that you need to know when looking to buy footwear for your office. It would make you look fashionable and trendy, while at the same time, would ensure that your comfort is not compromised.


Robert Gombos

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