Each year, fall and winter bring in a host of beautiful colors and some crisp, cozy weather. With the change in seasons comes a whole new line of fashion dress trends. “This year, it’s all about a post-Trump attitude shift. People are fighting abuse, fighting corruption and waking up in a new era. This attitude of empowerment makes for some very interesting fashion options.” explains JJ’s House designer, Jessica, an expert in special occasion wear for the popular fashion retailer.

VeryVoga is another world-famous fashion retailer. VeryVoga designer, Elena, predicts that “fall and winter 2018 are bringing in some exciting new fashion trends, which reflect this year’s theme of empowerment.” We interviewed Jessica and Elena to find out about some of their favorite fall and winter fashion dress trends for 2018. Read on to find out which looks they loved.

2018 Buzzwords and Trends

Protection, armor, modesty, calmness, confidence and diversity are all words to describe the collective attitude in 2018. They’re also the points of inspiration for some of the world’s hottest designers, and the year’s biggest fashion buzzwords.

Layering is still in for fall. The trend this year focuses on the idea of two coats being better than one, which makes for some super-comfy and super-stylish ensembles. Head-to-toe animal print and leather dresses are a couple more unexpected fashion dress trends for 2018. These looks have evolved from trashy to sophisticated and are lining the runways this season.

Animal Prints

Animal prints used to be thought of as cheap and trashy, but they made a huge comeback on the fall and winter 2018 runways. With leopard and zebra print being the most popular and cow and snake prints also making an appearance. The key to wearing a sophisticated animal print outfit or dress is to make sure the rest of the ensemble is toned-down and worn with flats or low heels.

Mini Party Dresses

If you have a fun party to attend and love showing off your legs, you’re in luck this season. The trend this year is super-short, super-elaborate party dresses. Think the late 80’s with elements like velvet, satin, silk, sequins and brocade. The funnest part about this trend is that you don’t need to tone-down the jewelry, hair accessories, bags, shoes, sunglasses or gloves with these dresses. Everything should be elaborate.

Adventurous Layering

Inspired by the ideas of protection, armor and modesty, there’s a lot of adventurous layering ideas going on for fall and winter 2018. The key to abundant layering without looking frumpy or overdone is to be innovative and wear a pattern over a solid. Throw on a scarf or use one unconventionally to fasten a trench coat together.

With a combination of the three fashion dress trends listed above, you can put together a killer fashion-forward ensemble for any occasion and be the star of the show and the envy of the room. For sophisticated events, choose an elegant animal print dress. For more fun and casual events, go with an elaborate mini party dress. Be sure to pair either look with some layers and you’ll be feeling cozy and looking stylish.


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