Your bathroom is an essential part of your house’s design, and you spend a certain amount of time in there every day. Over time, the same look can become boring or dated. But a complete bathroom remodel can cost a significant amount of money and not be practical anyway within the space constraints of a small bathroom.

But that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. There are a number of simple ways to refurb your bathroom and give it a completely different look – from Coastal cottage to cutting edge modern. Here’s a closer look at simple bathroom changes that won’t break the bank but will have you enjoying this integral room in your home.

Painting and curtains

Outside the basic infrastructure of your bathroom, a number of small touches lend a distinctive feel to the space. For example, consider painting the walls. Does the bathroom seem small and drab? A neutral tone such as a shimmering cream or even a blast of arctic bright white can really open up the space and make it seem larger.

Aspects such as curtains for windows, shower curtains, shower curtain liners, and floor mats can be used to quickly change the look and feel. Go for an upscale monochromatic look or use these touches to add a splash of color. Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, it’s possible to do so on a budget with these simple touches.

Replace your bathroom fixtures

It’s not always possible to get a whole new floor installed or replace your bathtub and shower stall. But replacing your bathroom fixtures can quickly breathe new life into a space. The simplest fixtures to replace include the faucet and knobs on your sink, and any ancillary fixtures such as cranks on bathroom windows. Look into today’s wide variety of bathroom fixture options, from single hole faucets to center set ones and widespread faucets. Experiment with different metals and designs to add dimension to the space.

Get new tiles or flooring

The flooring in your bathroom is probably some form of linoleum, tile, or hardwood. A few brave souls carpet their bathrooms, which can look great in terms of color but makes it a challenge when the carpet pads absorb too much water. Replacing the flooring can completely change the look and texture of your bathroom. It’s also possible to do it yourself.

Roll out linoleum or linoleum squares are easy to install and inexpensive to purchase. Another area to pay attention to is applying fresh grout to existing tiles or to installing a new backsplash in the bathroom. Both can brighten up a space considerably and are possible to complete in a weekend.

If you’re looking around your bathroom and have decided that it’s time to take the plunge with some changes, it’s possible to do so on a budget. Paint, flooring, and simple touches such as fixtures go a long way toward reviving a bathroom that’s no longer in it’s prime.
About the author: Mari Smith is a home improvement expert. She writes extensively on issues related to real estate and home improvement.


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