Teething is a difficult time for both the pets and their owners. Dogs tend to be extremely destructive and can tear almost anything apart. Also, certain dogs like golden retrievers and Labradors love to play with things all their life. So, it is the moral responsibility of owners to provide them with a toy that would not harm their health and last long as well.

For all pet owners, who believe in treating their pets with love and care, a Chew Toy is the best gift. Chewing is essential for the dog to maintain oral and mental health as it cleans their teeth along with keeping their mind occupied. It is said that a dog who chews regularly for half an hour daily feels contented and is less likely to be destructive in the household.

Although, there are a variety of toys available in the market but one has to consider their quality, cost and taste before buying it. If you are looking for all the three aspects in one product then you should try theChew Toys for Dogs from L&H Guerra which are available on Amazon.

Most of the owners demand only the best for their pet and thus on a scale of 1-10 the product has received high satisfaction rate from all its users.


The products by L&H Guerra have gone through a series of dermatological tests for quality purposes. They last long and would not be torn easily for maximum user satisfaction. But it is also kept in mind that the product is not too hard since it might hurt the dental cavity of the animal. The various toys in the range are designed to help the dog develop strong teeth and muscles that are essential for his growth.

Most of the dogs like to play. All these active dogs tend to look for toys or things that would help them release their energy. Hence, they love it when you invite them for a round of tug of war or fetch as it helps in making them feel as a part of the house. The chew toys are the best thing that you can use to occupy them and also play with them for their satisfaction.

The toy can easily fit into a dogs mouth with a medium built as the dimensions of the toy are 12.5 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches (33x12x12 cm). Normally big toys hurt the dog’s nose or mouth in turn making him jittery since he neither wants to let the toy go nor does he want to hurt himself.

However, the chew toy from L&H Guerra is an all in one toy with soft lamb wool exterior and a super solid core with a cotton braided robe making it an excellent choice. It has all the three qualities that the vet would suggest in a dog chew toy, a stuff toy that is squeaky and has a rope. The super solid core makes it an outstanding fetch toy for both teething puppies and older dogs. L&H Guerra has combined all the three factors which make it an extraordinary product that is bound to satisfy the dog and in turn his owner for the value of money spent.


Robert Gombos

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