Amazon is like the Walmart of the internet. Being the biggest online retailer, Amazon has set the standard for all other eCommerce sites. Many sites in an attempt to imitate their success have taken pointers from their site layout, marketing strategy, and even their supply chain management. Even though there are countless eCommerce sites now, Amazon still holds its ground as the biggest and best. Here are four of the biggest advantages of that are most noticeable when browsing through the pages and products.

Customer Friendly Layout and Design: The design of the site uses a few basic colors. This gives the site a very well sorted look. The big search bar on the top middle portion is glued to all the pages and helps customers to find products. The home page features a list of products based on the customers browsing history. This does save a few seconds which would otherwise be spent to search a particular type of product. Apart from the featured products, the ‘department’ tab on the top left corner of the page sorts all the products into easy to find departments or sections. Overall the the site is easy to navigate even for new customers.

Honest Reviewing System: One of the best features of the site is its transparent reviewing system. Anyone can write a review for any product on the site. The site also has a comparative graph that features the best and the worst review for all the products. Along with that all products are rated using a 5-star rating system. This rating successfully quantifies the overall popularity of a particular product. These great features are oriented towards helping customers to choose a better product and promote a healthy competition between brands.

Large Inventory: One of the biggest factors that make this site great is its seemingly endless inventory. The big search bar on the top-middle portion of the page is like a magic portal that helps find just about anything with a price tag on it. For example, even an unlikely search such as ‘lab beakers’, generates a result of hundred different products for customers to choose from.

Great Discounts: Like many other eCommerce sites, Amazon also features a deal section. This section features new product deals everyday and gives customers the opportunity to buy products at amazing discounts. Apart from that, the section also features the upcoming product deals with a countdown timer for each. This helps customers to plan for their next purchases.


Robert Gombos

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