Now that the holidays are coming up, you need to sit down and make a strategic marketing plan that will get your ecommerce business booming up to the start of the New Year. There are a number of holidays in line, beginning with Thanksgiving and Christmas to Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and New Year, all of which are bound to lead to a huge surge in online retail sales. To have a big share of this pie, you need to up your game and get started on fine-tuning your marketing techniques. Let’s take a look at five of the most creative ways you can market your eCommerce business for the holidays.

Theme Your Webpages for the Holidays

The first thing customers see on your website needs to pull them in instantly. This is why you need to theme your landing pages with the right feel-good-about-the-holidays pictorials, videos and memes. When you’ve got your customers into the right mind-set, it’s time to start selling. Also, using the right long-tailed keywords that tie in to shopping for the holidays will get you fresh customers who’re visiting your site for the first time. That said: it’s time to impress!

Using Web Content Based on the Holidays

One of the best ways to drive sales without actually working at driving sales is to have some amazing and exciting content related to the holidays on your site. This will work as an attraction factor to get people on to your site. From here, it’s a matter of clicking on some of your other content and online store towards the sales you want.

Use the Right Analytics to Figure out What’s Selling

When you use the analytics tools for your e-Commerce website, you can actually figure out what’s happening on your site. What pages and products are being viewed the most, what’s selling the most and what customers are looking for. You can also do this for other online retailers and figure out where the online shopping trend is heading. This means you can optimize for your own website and get people to come where the action is.

Use a Gift Finder

If you’re looking for the perfect way to market your online business during the holidays, you might want to try a Gift Finder widget which helps customers find the perfect gift for their loved ones. In this case, all they need to do is type in the age, gender and interests of the person they want the gift for. This marketing technique is used to help people figure out what to get (which is quite a relief for people who don’t know what they should buy for their loved ones) and help you boost your sales too.

Develop a Game

One of the latest and most creative trends in marketing today is gamification. When you create a game that’s related to your products and services, you tie people into your business and win their confidence, especially if you create an amazing game that people keep playing online or on their phones.

Investing in the right marketing before the holidays can bring customers through the door, drive up your profits and help eCommerce stores achieve their most successful holiday season yet.

About the Author: Sammi Jacobus is an eCommerce specialist who has sold everything from anime dolls to martial arts gear online. When she’s not hard at work on her next site, she’s writing about how to make money online for different publications.



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