The big day has arrived! You’re ready to declare your love before God and family, and throw a big party to celebrate. But then comes the best part: the honeymoon. Your honeymoon allows you time to relax, rejuvenate from the stress of wedding planning, and enjoy some one on one time with your spouse. Choosing where to go can be a challenge.

Do you follow the standard route of heading to Paris, the city of love, or sit on the beach at an all-inclusive somewhere in the Caribbean? Each of these is wonderful if that’s what you’re dreaming of. But from couples looking for more creative ideas, here are a few options to consider.

Eleuthera Islands: If the Bahamas evoke images of spring break and the giant Atlantis resort, then you’re only hitting the tip of the iceberg of this beautiful chain of islands. One of the most gorgeous parts of the Bahamas is the Eleuthera Islands, a small chain of remote but visually stunning islands. It’s possible to swim with sharks, jet between islands on a yacht tour, and include world-class service as a five star Sandals resort perched on a long white sand beach.

Alaska: If you’re craving some serious wilderness, Alaska could be the trip of a lifetime. America’s most remote state offers something for everyone. Anchorage is a beautiful city with cultural, shopping, and easy hiking options. Whale watching, deep sea fishing, and sightseeing in some of North America’s most dramatic landscapes is available within a few hours. And if you’re really craving some alone time, Alaska’s lodges offer high-end service in a secluded alpine setting.

Budapest: If you’re looking for a memorable European wedding visit, Budapest makes a great honeymoon destination. Hungary’s capital city offers a stunning blend of history, cultural attractions, and sweeping landscapes for anyone to enjoy. It’s possible to go horseback riding, visit castles, and even attend the opera. For couples looking for a more modern side to the city, it offers five star cuisine, fabulous and affordable spas, and one of Europe’s most exciting nightlife scenes.

El Salvador: Central America may not be top of your honeymoon trip list, but it should be. While El Salvador is less well-known than its neighbor Costa Rica it has just as much to offer. Consider visiting the highland town of Suchitoto, which is home to five star hotels, a working Indigo factor, stunning eco-tourism options, and much more. Or spend a week at the beach in a beautiful private home for a fraction of the cost you’d spend on a Caribbean island.

Wyoming: if you’ve always fancied yourself a bit of a cowboy, head straight to the heart of the real Western life. Wyoming offers a number of options, like classic Western towns like Cody with historical and cultural offerings. There are many hiking, camping, and more active options in areas such as the stunning Wind River Range.

Enjoying your honeymoon should be one of your top wedding priorities. If you’re unhappy with the standard options that travel agents are offering you, think outside the box. From remote Bahamas to the streets of Budapest, the right adventure awaits.
About the author: Karen Lane is a freelance travel journalist who writes extensively about her experiences. She’s just set off on her next adventure.


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