There are many e-commerce stores online today. Some of them are good, others, not so good. The point is those e-commerce stores with excellent results, growing sales, and a large client base, are doing something right while those not doing well are probably doing something wrong.

Unfortunately, because there could be so many factors at play, site owners can spend a lot of time banging their heads against the desk trying to figure out why they aren’t making more sales or generating more revenue. If that is the case with your website, chances are you may be making one or more of the following mistakes.

Slow Loading Speed

Quick question: how long can you patiently wait for a site to load? Some studies indicate you could be losing people as quickly as two seconds in. We live in an age where people do not want to wait for anything. So, for every extra two seconds that it takes your website to load, you are losing customers.

Avoid clogging your website with too many images in a bid to make it look pretty or give it a professional look. Talk to your designer about hosting the images on a CDN network or something faster. That way, your website does not have to take so long to load. Also, get rid of all excessive third-party plugins that might be slowing down your site.

Not Using A Responsive Design

How many times have you left a website that doesn’t render correctly on your smartphone or tablet? How many times have you been mildly annoyed when upon visiting the site, you are asked to choose the mobile version or continue to the desktop version?

If you can answer in the affirmative, then guess what? Your audience probably does that too. Listen, you want your audience to come to your site to buy. Getting them pissed is a surefire way to get them to take their money elsewhere. So, choose responsive website design at all times. Forget using a separately hosted mobile e-commerce store. You’ll still lose many customers that way.

The Site Isn’t Easy to Navigate

An ordinary site that is difficult to navigate these days is dead in the water. An e-commerce site that isn’t navigable? That is kind of like tying a bag of rocks around someone’s legs, tying their hands and then throwing them in the ocean. The site becomes non-existent.

Even when you’re throwing a ton of money at it via ads and marketing, you might as well be wasting your time because no one will be patient enough to navigate the website when there are tons of other sites where they can find whatever they need within minutes. Your site should encourage a smooth flow from product location to purchase and checkout.

Excessive Shipping Charges

Here’s a basic rule of thumb in commerce: your shipping costs must NOT exceed 10% of the item’s prices. If it does, chances are that you are driving away your customers and sending them somewhere else where they will get better deals. Yes, we know that shipping is not cheap. However, figure out a way to break even or not lose money on the product whilst providing affordable shipping costs. You’ll be amazed at how many people abandon an e-commerce site because they felt they could pay $2 less at another site.

Hitting Your Customers With Unrelated Sales Pitches

If somebody came to your store to buy a pair of loafers, offering them a book is not going to cut it. Instead, build your website in such a way that it offers complementary products that will further encourage the customer to buy. For instance, in the aforementioned example, if the guy was to see matching chinos or belts, chances are he’ll order those too.

Shady-Looking Checkout Process

You’ve got the customer, they’ve selected their items, they’re about to pay, but then they abandon the cart. This comes down to a feeling of security that you should foster with all customers: if they feel their information isn’t safe, they’ll be willing to pay more for the same product elsewhere if it means less perceived risk. As such, make sure your checkout system matches the look and feel of the rest of your site, is responsive, and won’t hang up. A good platform for handling the checkout process are third party systems such as Fast Spring.

Now that you know what the biggest e-commerce mistakes are, avoid them like the plague and implement our suggestions. You should start seeing some decent results from making the necessary corrections.

The writer, Oscar King, is himself an internet marketing expert who has found these and other factors to be major contributors to low site traffic, high bounce-rates, and cart abandonment. If you wish to learn more about this individual you can visit Google+.


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