Everyone thinks of sportsmen as the healthiest people in the world. They workout frequently, have impressive bodies and can achieve formidable physical forms at any time. All this physical activity puts more pressure on their feet and body than you could imagine.

As a sports person, you not only have to invest in the right gear and adopt a safe training procedure but also use the most effective sports products to sooth your body after every workout session. Akileine sport products are not only effective and reliable but also the most sports specific products in the market.

With a wide range of products, from warming massage oil for your tired muscles to the RLAX Recovery Gel that helps cool down your body and feet, you can work out as hard and frequent as you please without pushing your body beyond the actual breaking point.


With Akaleine packing its sports products in easy to use easy to carry tubes, you can undoubtedly see how everything about the product was designed with the active life of a sportsman in mind.

The scientists behind Akileine have designed a high-quality ultra-performance line of sports gels to help relieve the strains and pains of intense exercise. In this range is the Akileine Start Gel, to be applied before
the workout or high stress activity begins.

This works to gradually warm up the muscles to prevent overworking them upon beginning and causing injury to the muscle tissue. It penetrates the skin quickly to protect the epidermis against harsh weather conditions as well. Next is the anti-chafing gel which is wonderful for runners especially, as many of us know how painful and detrimental a bad chaff is on our ability to perform.

This helps to keep the skin greased where it’s likely to chaff so that you will be far less likely to develop a rash. Last but not least, Akileine has topped their line with a cool down gel that is great for massages and helping the muscles to relax after the high intensity of your sports activity.


Robert Gombos

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