Noah (original title: NOAH) is a 2014 American film directed by Darren fantastic Aronofsky, in which Russel Crowe and Emma Watson stare. The Noah movie trailer takes you through a summary of the movie and its most epic moments.


In a world without hope, where rain does not wet the land occupied by numerous barbarian hordes lives Noah, a man receives from God the mission to build one ark for his family to escape a future flood with couples all life on the planet. Noah start working on the boat, being mocked by people. At the same time has many visions from God. He realizes the flood is God’s punishment upon mankind and a new chance of prosperity.

Noah – A magnificent movie

One of the big pluses of this film is the lack of religious sermons during the 138 minutes of his. A fair approach to Director Darren Aronofsky, being only able to attract as many spectators in the cinema, without any offense to any existing religion.

But what seems to be an admirable thing can easily turn into a misguided criticism from some religious fanatics. I say this because Noah screenplay, although it has the Scripture brings the news and some fantastic items and villains such as stone giants, fallen angels and bloodthirsty natives.

How it all began – Noah Movie Trailer

The film begins with spectacular views of creation of the world and the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise because of committing the Original Sin, followed by a quick explanation of human wickedness and lack of control and discretion of our ancestors.

The first contact we have with Noah takes place in its infancy, while his father Lamech trying to convey some of his teachings. A scene absolutely necessary to understand the lifestyle of the protagonist and his family, governed by the idea of survival and of obedience to the Creator.

Perception of our human race

The most interesting version of Aronofsky’s perception of the human race, an image that you can hardly digest, but in some forms can be found in the contemporary period. People are seen as a disease of this world, as a failure of the upper one, like a bunch of savages with an indescribable aggression and fixed on the idea that everything what are rightfully surrounded.

An image advices you to soak in our nature to conquer and to hold power. A picture that makes you wonder whether the Great Flood, which was announced, was not the only way of atonement, to offer the chance for a new beginning?

What you will get to see

Noah is not necessarily production you expect about a blind obedience to the Creator of Noah’s Ark and animals saved. It’s a movie that free will makes its presence felt, especially in the second part. It’s about freedom of humanity and its horrors, about family and love among its members about fears and overcome them.

In terms of performances, the film we bring it to the forefront Russell Crowe as we want every time: energetic, dramatic and concerned about the psychological side of his character. No other actors in the cast are not inferior: Jennifer Connelly playing the wife of Noah moved by the election of her husband and children, and Emma Watson proves to be more than just a pretty face on the big screen in the role of Ilei, the adopted daughter of Noah.

What truly impressed me

Chapter image, I was impressed with the fight scenes, which bring much to those of famous movies like fantasy, and the Ark is not at all what I imagined when I was little. There is an ark that would look good aesthetically, but one that expresses despair, rush and desire to survive and that her only role is to float.

The special effects are not sci-fi to be impressed of, but the way in which the conduct of certain parts of the movie is brilliant. A technique that can not assimilate than the currently used stop-motion animation, but with a reduced number of frames per second. Basically, a sequence of frames to fragment time and space as we move towards a new chapter in the story.

On the other, less pleasant things would be the antagonist of the story, the self-styled king of men, Tubal-Cain (Ray Winstone), whose development is more than predictable. Also, the soundtrack is signed by a huge film music industry, Clint Mansell, but not out of the ordinary patterns. And giraffes do not think they’re just in time for boarding.


Watch the Noah movie trailer and you will understand more about this magnificent 2014 title. You will get to see the cast as well as get some insight on their struggle in the movie. Definitely a good movie flick which takes the religious viewpoint to a new level.

Review Scores
Storyline: 4
Sounds: 3.5
Cast: 3.8
Graphic: 3.6


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