Aromatherapy has been around for more than 6000 years, but many were skeptical about it’s used. But as time went on, many researchers proved that aromatherapy did have particular benefits for the body.

Athletes train hard, and they continuously push their body to its limits. This often causes muscle pain, muscle tension, and inflammation. There are different ways to deal with these ailments, but for athletes, their body is a treasure. Pumping their body with chemicals will do them harm in the long run. Relying on natural remedies, on the other hand, is safer.

This article will showcase the different essential oils and aromatherapy techniques that can help athletes with recovery.

Essential oils for pain, tension, and swelling

Peppermint oil – This contains high concentrations of menthol, which induce a cooling sensation in the body. The cooling effect is excellent for treating sore, aching muscles. Peppermint also has other anti-inflammatory properties, such as analgesic and antispasmodic.

Helichrysum oil – This oil is excellent for relieving muscle pain, inflammation, and spasms.

Marjoram oil – This oil relaxes your muscles spasms and releases muscle tension. It is known for its ability to ease pain and inflammation.

Essential oils for pain, and swelling

Lavender oil – This oil is known for its ability to allow the body to calm down and relax. In the process, it relieves pain and inflammation.

Eucalyptus oil – This oil aids with cooling sore muscles, relieves muscle pain, and works as an anti-inflammatory.

Roman and German Chamomile oil – These oils reduce muscle spasms and soothe muscle tension. They also relieve pain and work as an anti-inflammatory.

Rosemary and Yarrow Oil – This oil is primarily used for easing pain and inflammation.

Essential oils for tension, and swelling

Cypress oil – Calms and relaxes muscle spasms and works to soothe inflammation.

Sandalwood oil – It helps alleviate muscle spasm, muscle tension, and inflammation.

Essential oils for only pain relief

Ginger Oil – the warm effect of this oil helps soothe sore muscles and relieve pain.

Black Pepper Oil – eliminates pain by warming your body.

Clove Oil – This oil also has a warming effect that relieves pain from the body.

Essential oils for only tension relief

Clary Sage Oil – Promotes muscle relaxation while it alleviates muscle tension and spasms.

Juniper Oil – Eases muscle tension and alleviates muscle spasms.

Essential oils for only swelling relief

Arnica Oil – The perfect oil for treating bruises as it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and it is soothing.

Lemongrass Oil – The fastest way to treat any swelling as it has fast working anti-inflammatory properties.

Methods of Aromatherapy:


When it comes to aromatherapy for pain relief, massages are the best way to go about it. You can add your selective essential oil to your massage oil and can benefit from both the massage and the oil. There are many innovative ways to massage your body. If you do not have any innovative tools at your disposal, your fingers will do just fine. Choose the essential oil according to the ailment that you are dealing with, and you will find that it can have many benefits for you.

Neoaroma Electric Diffuser

The Neoaroma Electric diffuser is an innovative device manufactured by Laila Essentials. Adding essential oils to this innovative device will vaporize it and fill the room with those essential oils. The essential oils vaporized through the electric diffuser will still hold the properties, and your skin will absorb them when you are in the vicinity. Neoaroma electric diffuser comes with mood lighting that further elevates the healing process.

The TakeAway:

Essential oils are the backbone of aromatherapy. The quality of the essential oils will make a significant difference. Lower quality essential oils will have weaker or no results, but higher quality essential oils will produce the promised results. Experimenting with different essential oils is the best way to find out which ones work for you.



Robert Gombos

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