The most important need in an artist’s world is that for focus. Writers block is something that we all know too well. The view from your apartment should be one that motivates you that gives you focus or inspiration. The different views from the different sides of the Artists Alley Condo are not only breathtaking but also inspirational.


· To the North, there is the beautiful view of world famous universities including the University of Toronto. There is also the view of the museum and Top Notch Health centers including Mt Sinai hospital.

· To the South is the waterfront harbor in itself. I would personally choose the site of the water to wake up to every morning. There is also the Air Canada center to the south.

· To the West are several art galleries including the Art Gallery of Ontario and the OCAD? There is also the view of The Four Seasons and the Kensington Market.

· To the East is the Pro Sports stadium.

In addition, the condos are close to a variety of other amenities that would appeal to our human needs.

Tourist Attractions

There are several amusement parks close to this area including: Butterfield Park, Grange Park and Larry Sexton Park.

Transport Availability

If you do not work close to where you live then worry not. This neighborhood is safe for both cyclers and pedestrians alike.

There are also several carriage ways that connect to major highways.

The subways and train station literally passes through the ally and connects to the Union Station, the Union Person Express and in case of flying out then the closest airport is the Billy Bishop Island Airport.

Airport taxi services and online taxis are in full supply regardless of time and day.


Robert Gombos

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