The Artists Alley Condos is a building that combines style and substance seamlessly. Its location near important amenities such as schools, hospitals, theaters and public transport adds convenience to the mix.

Lanterra Developments acquired this property at a place so strategically located that people inhabiting the complex can spend their entire lives working, living and playing in the highest standards possible without moving beyond a few kilometers of their homes. Indeed a person living in this complex can find that they have little use for a car.


This is also architectural eye candy due to its stacked boxes appearance. At the ground floor, across the complex is the 12 feet wide walkway that cuts across the building. It is from this walkway that the building got the name artists alleyway.

This alleyway is not only important for residents who want to connect to other parts of the city but also to the businesses on the ground floor. When people connect from one street to another through the complex, they patronize the restaurants and retail outlets. Each of the buildings in the complex have these at street level.

The building also gives alluring views of the city’s most important natural views such as Lake Ontario which is located to its north and the beautiful greenery which is in its south. Above all the advantages it offers to the art lovers, Artists Alley is well built making it a place where a resident would feel proud to call home.



Robert Gombos

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