shadow is the website of Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization which provides free reviews on a variety of businesses (more than 4 million) to consumers. It was started in the year 1912 and currently has over 100 independent local chapters.

The home page of website is very simple and contains just a search box similar to the major search engines. One needs to enter city and state or the postal code on the search box on the home page to navigate to the local Better Business Bureau.

Once you have navigated to the local page, you can search for a particular business by typing in the name of the business in the search box. There are separate links provided for businesses, charities, news and All.

There is also a page which lists the frequently asked questions on search. This FAQ page on search answers the common questions such as whether the search is case sensitive or how to specify a location in the search box. There are many other questions which have been explained in detail on the search FAQ page.

On the top navigation bar, there are links for programs and services, consumer education, for businesses and an about page. There is also a link for the local BBB locator on the top left corner. There are also separate links for news and events and a blog.

The BBB directory page lists all the local chapters of the organization. One can navigate to their local BBB chapter from the directory page as well as by typing their pin code or city or state in the search box. The directory page maintains direct links to the program’s and services pages, business pages, consumer help pages and other pages for each location.

Looking up a business report on the website is very easy. One just needs to click on the link “For Consumers”. Type in the name of the company and specify the location. The search will return a number of results. Choose the company you are looking for and click on their name to reach their profile page. On this particular business’s profile page, all the information that BBB has regarding the company will be displayed.

Currently, BBB rates businesses on a scale which goes from A+ to F. This rating is prominently displayed on the profile page for the business. They also provide the reasons for rating and one can read the detailed reasoning by clicking on that link.

It should be noted that in BBB does not provide ratings for all the businesses in the country. If a business does not have a rating, first of all you need to check whether it has a parent company and whether that parent company has a rating on the BBB website. In case a rating for the parent company is not available, one can conclude that BBB is still collecting data on that particular business and has not provided a rating on that business yet.


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