Research shows that playing games helps in eye-hand coordination, improves social skills, increases the level of confidence, and is associated with numerous health benefits. Thanks to advances in technology, times you had to go out to look for a game are long gone. Today, games are looking for you. No excuse for boredom. You carry thrill in your pockets wherever you go. You only need an internet connection and few clicks.

Games are many, but not many are in the league of Beatky– simple, yet thrilling. With Android 2.3.3 and above, you are ready to take your boxing experience to another level. The excitement of this action ‘ructions’ game awaits at every corner, surprises at every theme. The themes- Beatky, sign, scissor, paper stone and number offers you new challenges that you need to overcome to become a better player.


The real-time multiplayer feature gives you an opportunity to play the game with a mix of real people from anywhere in the globe. No better way to take your interaction to another level and use other people’s knowledge to advance your gaming skills. You can always win yourself a friend or two as you win the game.

Beatky satisfies your need for competition. Whether a hardcore player eyeing the top spot or a casual player needing to compare your progress with your friends’, Beatky is your home. With a Google play leaderboard and Facebook leader board, you have a rare opportunity to gauge yourself against others. For this and more, visit


Robert Gombos

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