real-time-sentimental-analysisAs the popularity of RTB keeps on growing, the requirements for the reporting & analysis have much increased. It is not only to be able to monitor in real time campaign activities or to combat ad fraid, but also due to the various benefits for optimization that this analysis can generate.

The process of RTB involves the participation of three entities; the publisher, the bidder and the advertisement exchange. This article shall discuss the benefits of real-time analysis that buyers and sellers (publishers) get.

Benefits of Real Time Analysis for the buyers

  1. In case the loop of the feedback for the reports on the performance and the success of the online ads take bigger turnaround time, it becomes very tough for the buyers to monitor the ads and plan on their improvements. But if the basis of analysis is sifted from batch oriented samples to real time inputs, the buyers get the chance to rapidly work upon the statistic of the performance of their advertisement that eventually improves the rates of response from the online traffic.
  2. Upon the analysis of the performance of the advertisement campaigns, the RTB process enables the buyers to step up the effectiveness of the campaigns by quick changes of the content materials and its show.
  3. It helps the buyers to reduce the count of the fraudulent inventories that yields higher return on their investments, subsequently. Alternatively, this process enables the buyer to control the flow of their money at all points of time and they can make the optimal uses of their advertising budget.

Benefits derived by the Publishers

  • As the process involves the allotment of the slots for advertisements to the highest bidder, the publishing websites can optimize the pricing of the slots with the highest of the profitability.
  • The buyers can align the levels of advertisement inventories with greater precision and correction. This elevates the reputation of the publisher.
  • The impression of the advertisement campaigns can be increased with the adjustments made on the editorial contents.

Thus it becomes evident from the discussion made above that the best of the advantages can be available to the concerned parties only with the conduction of periodical analysis of the real time data and information extracted off the reports. This process needs to be keeping very simple so that it becomes effective. This report has to handhold the concerned parties to come up with innovations on promoting the service and the products.

From a publisher perspective, a vendor like Pubmatic which is an SSP will be able to provide the real time statistics needed to succeed. For buyers of ads, well know web analytics vendors like Google Analytics or Clicky will provide real time reporting of website performance. However, from the RTB side there are not a lot of vendors that provide real time analytics, find one called Bidable here that we liked, but you can also check out Adroll, SiteScout or


Robert Gombos

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