Although digital streaming has been available for a few years, it is rapidly growing in popularity as more and more consumers are finding the convenience of streaming. Digital streaming devices have eased the disconnect between streaming and household television, as they are compatible with your existing TV packages from companies like, and allow you to stream your favorite online content.


With the growing popularity, more and more technology competitors are releasing their digital streaming devices. While each one has its own set of pros and cons, these four streaming devices appear to be the top sellers on the scene for early 2015:


1. Apple TV:

As one of Apple’s most popular products in 2014, the Apple TV is one of the most popular products on the market, and a perfect companion to those with other iOS products.

Apple TV has a large library that includes the most popular streaming content, such as Netflix and Hulu. Additionally, iTunes offers exclusive concerts only available to Apple TV members, which is a huge draw for music fans. Additionally, through a wifi connection, users can stream any content from their iOS iPhone, iPad, Macbook, or iTouch to their TV. Users can stream anything from their cloud data, including pictures, video, and even apps. In traditional Apple fashion, the Apple TV has the capability to mirror a user’s Mac, iPhone, or iPad content onto the big screen.


2. Google Chromecast:

Google’s version of a streaming device was released in 2013, and since then, it has been a top competitor, as it is a relatively inexpensive device when compared to its counterparts.

For only $35, a user can purchase Google’s compact, HDMI Chromecast, which looks identical to a flash drive.

For Android users, Chromecast is particularly appealing. Although it is compatible with iOS apps, it is most compatible with Android phones and tablets since the Google Play store is built right in. Users simply plug Chromecast into the TV’s HDMI port, and once it is connected to a user’s wifi, Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube, among others, are ready to view.


3. Roku 3:

The Roku device offers users a wide variety of options for a decent price. The Roku 3 is Roku’s top device, which not only yields access to the top streaming players (Netflix, Amazon Instant, and Hulu), it also has around 750 channels of its own. However, Roku is fairly incompatible with Apple products, which could be a pretty big turn off to iOS users.


4. Amazon Fire

Users can choose between a Fire TV Stick or a Fire TV Box when it comes to Amazon’s streaming products. Both options are incredibly fast in terms of cuing up; however, when it comes to streaming Amazon Instant and Prime videos, the speed is almost instantaneous. However, the one consistent complaint against Amazon’s streaming device is that it promotes itself far too much.

These four devices remain as four key powerful players in the digital streaming world, and are likely to remain on top throughout 2015.







Robert Gombos

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