Many people are working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign today. They are looking for the best web directories for promoting their websites. There are some recommended sites that people can use today. These sites are very popular because of their high quality websites. They usually filter all people who want to create links from their websites. As the result, they usually have higher quality than any other public sites, such as article directories, wiki sites, blogs, and other resources. Many SEO experts believe that web directory can increase the site’s ranking effectively. Here are top web directories that are available today.


This is a famous web directory that has a lot of readers today. Many people refer this site as one of the best directories in the world these days. The domain authority of this site is about 96/100. Because of this high DA score, this site is recommended to be a great backlink source for most people. There are a lot of features and benefits that are offered by this website. Because of these benefits, many people are interested with this web directory site.

There is no charge for submitting website to DMOZ. However, it may take a few months or years to be reviewed. It is a normal thing to do. There are millions of website owners who want to submit their sites to DMOZ. However, it is recommended for people to submit their sites in this web directory. It is very easy to do the submit application process. People can simply visit the right categories that are suitable for their sites. They can simply press the option “Submit a site” for getting through the next application procedure. It may take a few minutes to complete the application.

2. Yahoo Directory

It is one of the oldest web directories on the Internet today. Many people are using this site for getting some references for their needs. This site is also very powerful to create high quality backlink to any websites. When people are serious about link building strategies, they should consider using this resource properly. It is not a difficult thing to submit a website to this web directory. Yahoo Directory has a lot of benefits that are useful for all customers. The Domain Authority of this directory is 100/100. It is the highest DA score in the world.

This web directory is well-known for its contents. There are a lot of useful contents that are offered by this site. Many people trust all sites that are recommended inside this directory. When people want to promote their websites, they can simply place their sites in this directory. It is recommended for all users to pay the annual fee, so they can get reviewed immediately. The cost of submitting to this directory is about $299 per year as the non-refundable fee. Most submissions are going to be accepted in this directory.

3. Best of the Web

When people want to find the best web directory, they can take a look at this site. Best of the Web (BOTW) is believed to be one of the top web directories in the world. It is recommended for all people because it has high domain authority score from MOZ. It has about 79/100 for the DA score. It shows the authority of this web directory. It is believed to be one of the best backlink sources today. This site is recommended for all people who want to build high quality links to their sites easily.

Many people are interested with this site because of its intuitiveness. It is very easy to explore all pages from this directory. Because of this reason, many readers also want to use this tool when they want to look for their favorite information. It can be a great place to promote any websites today. When people are planning to submit their sites to this directory, they have to pay about 149.95 as the review fee. This is a one time payment that can include links to some social profiles. This fee is more affordable than any other web directories on the Internet today.

4. Jasmine Directory

Not many people know about this site. This is a relatively new web directory that is available for all users. It has easy procedure to submit any sites to this directory. There are many benefits that are offered by this resource. Many SEO experts also recommend this site for their clients. When people want to build good links to their sites, they have to consider using this tool. It can be one of the best SEO tools in the world. It is believed to affect the site’s ranking effectively.

There are some options that are offered by this resource. People are able to select the banner advertising, lifetime listing, express listing, and some other unique options. These options allow all users to choose their favorite choices based on their preferences and budgets. The application process doesn’t take too much time. In most cases, people are able to complete all procedures in a few minutes. The review process is relatively faster than any other web directories. This resource also offers the nofollow link for all website owners now.


It is another recommended site that people can use today. Ezilon is another popular web directory on the Internet these days. This site offers free and non commercial listings for certain organizations, including government, non-governmental organizations, non-profits, charities, educational institutions, and other associations. Other commercial institutions should pay about $69 per year or $199 one time fee for submitting their websites.

It is very easy to submit any sites to this directory. This site is believed to be a great authority resource for getting links. Many SEO experts want to create good links from this resource. It has high domain authority score from the MOZ. It has about 72/100 DA score. This authority site is believed to help a lot of other websites to rank high on the search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other related websites. Don’t forget to complete the application process when submitting any websites to this resource.


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