Almost all the tour agents operators book entire hotels to fill up with the guests who travel in their flights. The hoteliers used to love this because it guarantees some form of income in a constant manner even when it is cheaper.

This model was supported and encouraged by most of the hotel owners. With time this model faced much problems as the tour operators can book other hotels due to competition or degradation in service. It is during this scenario emerged and they guaranteed to provide a good source of income to the hotel owners. There are chances for the individuals to make a good amount of income through this website.

It is necessary for the hoteliers to know much about the website before they are trying to make their earnings through this. There are many things related with the website that are discussed here which can be beneficial for the hotel owners in one way or another. 

Success with Independent Hotels 

Europe has got much influence by this website and have made the inroads even to US. Almost 50 percentage of the hotel bookings in Europe are carried out through This kind of market consolidation can be considered as bonanza for the independent hotels. Without any form of brand recognition the whole market of Europe was taken away by this digital platform so that the hotels get a chance for promoting as well selling the services and rooms provided by them. is the top most hotel reservation – service that is available all over the world. This is the website that has got much significant power of distribution and it is something that acts as the source of income for almost a major part of the hotels in the whole world. 

Obsession of Price is much obsessed with providing the best price available in the market to its customers. According to certain surveys it is found that this is the website that has got better rate of customer satisfaction. The major issue that the hoteliers have when they are dealing with is that they have to sell the rooms in lower price.

Most of the hotels but love the possibility of selling their rooms in faster pace through this website. Another thing is that hotels have to pay 20 percentages of the sales that they receive for being in the first page of the website so that they can get better promotions. 

New Rules has started making new rules and taking decisions by their own on various aspects and they are forcing the client hotels to follow them. Even when many of the hotels are happy with the revenue that they raise through, they are also in the state of confusion as they are not sure what kind of new rules this website is going to implement. 

Digital Marketing Along with Presence in

It is not necessary for the hoteliers to depend solely on but they can create their own website and make it possible for sales to happen through multiple channels.


Robert Gombos

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