Busted is an app that was designed to put an end to all worries surrounding the protection of data on your phone. You get to choose which apps get to be locked by a sturdy password system, and you also have the option of locking the messages, contacts, and other data on your phone.

However, Busted is not an ordinary phone security app, since it comes with a twist. If someone tries to pick up your phone and go through the stuff you have in there, the phone automatically takes a picture of the imposter and sends it somewhere safe where you can access it. That way, you can not only safely leave the phone somewhere, you will also know if there was someone trying to snoop around, with the picture of his face attached to it.

There was even a situation where I had to leave town in an emergency. As I didn’t even have the time to take my phone with me, I was away for weeks without being able to access it. When I came back home, I had forgotten my password and started to panic! Fortunately, soon after I found that Busted actually has a neat password recovery function and the problem was solved in the blink of an eye.

I would certainly recommend the app to anyone who has a shred of sense and good values left in their system. I know I’ve already exchanged a lot of nasty SMS messages with my partner that I wouldn’t want anyone else to see. And Busted offers me exactly that – peace of mind, so I can allocate more time to important things in my life and not worry all the time.


Robert Gombos

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