Have you been asking yourself whether you can quit smoking by using the electronic cigarettes ecig? Then here is the right -place for you, someone who is addicted to smoking might try a number of methods so as to try get rid of the habit, and in many cases many will choose to go for the e-cigarettes since it is safer to smoke than tobacco, first you have to understand how the E-cigarettes works in that it works in a way whereby they are battery operated vaporizers that heat the e-liquids by using an atomizer, and this will in turn emulate tobacco smoking, the e-liquids that are heated are composed of propylene, flavoring and nicotine.


This E-cigarettes and the e-liquids does not contain the extremely harmful components that are found in tobacco cigarettes, in this case the E-cigarettes can help you suppress the need to smoke and in turn you will have a small intake of chemicals to your body, and this can be a perfect tool to train your body to live without smoking totally, since with time your body will try to adjust.

More so, a study that have been conducted shows that 60% of those who are trying to quit smoking by use e-cigarettes are more likely to succeed as compared to those who use anti-smoking nicotine gum, actually this is a better replacement in that it has proven to be one of the ideal ways that can be used to deal with tobacco smoking and also addiction. Though smoking is a very complicated habit, this can help in one way to deal with it, medically and professionally.

A good number of people are using this to specifically quit smoking and a research also shows that in the year 2010, only 2% of U.S smokers are reported to have been using them, and all of a sudden in the year 2012 30% of the smokers started using it, actually this is after realizing that this product contains less amount of harmful substances that can ruin their bodies and it can assist them to reduce addiction or craving for tobacco.

In conclusion, this product reveals itself to be having a very positive results actually if the person using it is for the purpose of quitting smoking, this is a major relieve and also help in reducing cases of sicknesses that are caused by large intake of harmful chemicals to the body by means of smoking tobacco.


Robert Gombos

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