Experience. Exploration. Enjoyment. These are the words that make travelling wonderful.

And when you last visited another country or even just a local place like Put in Bay, Ohio, you had the hankering to write a travel diary. Perhaps you just want to document all the memories throughout your adventure. But now that you thought about it, do you want to share your encounters with others?

Nowadays, people are fond of reading other people’s trip to different parts of the world, especially those who don’t have the resources to go on a journey such as yours according to the Put In Bay website. Hence, if you feel you’re destined to self-publish a travel journal, then you might want to check this checklist first for a better chance at success.

• Is your manuscript ready?

You can write anything you want but you just can’t publish every one of them. Since you have to spend your resources for it, you need to make sure the piece is worth the investment.
It should be professionally organized and arranged accordingly. It should also be free from all forms of errors, no matter how minute they may be. More importantly, double check the facts and data you have written to make sure they are up to date and accurate.

If you’re not comfortable when it comes to editing your own work, why don’t you hire a good editor to give you pointers on how to improve your book? Or, you can also try calling professional reviewers so they can give you honest critics, which you can use to develop your work.

If you’re not comfortable when it comes to editing your work, why don’t you try hiring an editor? This way, there will be another set of eyes to look for errors that might have been missed. And you can also try calling professional reviewers beforehand so they can give their critics, which you can use to improve your book.

• Do you have photos from the journey?

“A picture paints a thousand words.”

It may be a cliché but it’s the truth. When it comes to publishing travel diaries and books, images of the places you’ve been to will be the ultimate enticement for your audience. They are more drawn to pictures, especially when they haven’t visited the places yet.

So, don’t forget to put a lot of pictures and then place some captions and descriptions. And one last tip, don’t put low quality photos if you don’t want to disappoint your readers. For instance, avoid low-resolution pictures that will come out pixelated when printed. Most publishers would suggest images in 300dpi or at least 100 dpi to get the best outcome. In addition to this, you should also refrain from using photos taken from a bad angle or those with poor lighting conditions.

• Have you determined your audience?

Who will read your travel diary? Do you have a specific market in mind? If you don’t have one yet, then you should be hearing warning bells right now. It is best to know who will be buying your work so that you can customize the look of your book as well as the marketing strategy according to your target audience’s preferences.
So, if you haven’t determined your market yet, then you should sit down and think about it. Ask yourself who will be interested in reading your entries. And then try to create a person so you can easily relate the data with your ideas.

• Is there someone to help you with the publishing processes?
At present, the self-publishing industry has been seeing positive progress. That is why, you don’t have to worry about not having anyone to support you in facing the challenges of publishing your diary.
There are various companies who can work with you in every step of the way. However, you just can’t contact any company you’ve seen on the web. You should look for someone who can offer what you need at the price that suits you. This is how you become a wise customer and a soon-to-be-successful author.

• Do you have the time?

For some people, all the hours of the day are not nearly enough to accomplish in their to-do list. If possible, they might even want to extend it.
Now, if you’re one of these types of people, then think about it thoroughly if you still have the time to work on your travel diary, take care of its publishing and marketing. Be honest with yourself, if you just can’t spare some time, then perhaps now is not the right time to publish it. Or, you may also employ someone to assist you with other duties so you can focus on publishing and marketing your travel diary.

Share your love for travelling! And share the stories that you have collected from visiting diverse places. Now, where should you start?


Robert Gombos

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