is a website that is meant to provide information about the best car brands in the word. The layout of the website is simple but efficient. The main menu is meant to categorize vehicles according to the country or continent they are made in.

On the first page, there is an introduction about cars brands and their history. Not only that the history of the brands is presented, but also the one of automobiles. Automobiles are helping us to cover short and long distances since more than one hundred years ago and they are becoming better every day.


The main menu shows the following types of cars: American, German, Indian, Russian, Italian, French, Korean. Japanese and British. Each of these categories have an introduction type of paragraph, followed by a short description of the best car brands in the respective region.

For example, in the American cars section, brands like Cadillac, Chevrolet, or Chrysler are described. Just check the wonderful information on if you are passionate about automobiles.

They  are further planning to expand to include ever more car brands listed by country and we strive to become to easiest to access car information website in the world. Totalcarbrands – a to go resource for car brand information!


Robert Gombos

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