The Consumer Products Safety Commission – CPSC is an American agency that offers public protection from irrational death or injury risks linked to the multiple consumer product types. This is carried out under the jurisdiction of the agency. The agency is dedicated to ensuring that consumers are protected from products that cause high death and injury rate.


  • Safety Education: The website offers tips and guides on how to stay safe and how to work with products that are hazardous. All this is presented in articles that are posted including those that helps you to keep your child safe even in recreational centers like swimming pools.
  • Recalls: This section includes products that have been banned from use (recalled) by relevant authorities. If any product is proven or reported to cause any injuries, the website will display such product in order to alert people about it. The hazardous factor of the product is also included for customers to know the reason for it being recalled.
  • Newsroom: This page presents to the user all the new releases from the organization, including the public calendar. It is basically meant to educate the public about any novel information that might be of great importance to them.
  • Research and Statistics: This gives users information on new findings related to injuries and other products. It gives out the statistics of risks and/or death caused by aspects like fire, work-related injuries or recreational injuries. Injuries caused from home are also displayed for people to be aware of the possible causes.
  • Regulations, Laws and Standards: CPS directs and implements a number of federal laws that authorizes it to protect the public from irrational injuries and death caused by products. This section will provide you with relevant information on how to be safe from hazardous products. The page also explains how and why products are recalled and providing standards of living safe at home of in the office.
  • Business and Manufacturing: There is the CPSC Safety Academy, which unites the staff and stakeholders of the agency, academic researchers, advocates and manufacturers. The aim of the academy is to publicize the information on product safety. It also gives business owners information on how to manufacture consumer-safety product that won’t cause any injuries.

Basically, the website is all about educating the public on how to stay safe with certain products and specifically protecting them against all the product that cause irrational injuries or deaths. It ensures that such products are banned, by being recalled to the manufacturers and kept away from consumers.


Robert Gombos

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