No casino management will ever recognize the authenticity of such a suspicion, but if the method were to prove truly effective, there would be no casino in the world that would not buy the services of a cooler. Coolers are more of an urban legend, but it is not surprising that the idea of ​​their existence obsessively persists in the minds of impatient players. In principle, the cooler is a seemingly civil person who walks at random on the corridors of a casino hall, with the precise mission to compromise the successful profit of the lucky players.

The theories regarding the way of action of the “coolers” are divided into those that pragmatically explain the means and those with paranoid nature. It is believed that these individuals act either by diverting the attention of the client who wins, by an approach with a variable pretext, or by the mere presence of bad luck at a table where the player draws attention through his success. The casinos entice players into their premises with promises of fabulous prizes, illusions that they unleash on the inside with a variety of methods. You may lose 1,000 euros a day, but just as well, the casino might offer you a free meal, if that causes you to stop playing.

The notion of a cooler is a secret kept so firmly by those who know the underworld of the gambling world, that there is almost no information on this topic. In fact, the American artistic film “The Cooler”, which appeared on the screens in 2003, represents the only “documentation”, with a fictional hue, which makes this notion public (according to Wikipedia). Therefore, the treatment of the subject is largely speculative. Like the illusionists or magicians, the casino world is a caste and forbidden to the profane, as they like to call the “others”, those initiated in the mysteries of a domain with low visibility. All Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos deny the existence of coolers, but nonetheless, their members know very well what this term means without any explanation. In a business that would try almost anything to get even the smallest profit, we can legitimately ask ourselves if the story of the “coolers” is not a neighbor to reality.

If we are to accept their existence, the “coolers” have special training to carry out their missions, but they also possess a special ability. Their main quality lies in the ability to make a person doubt himself, his beliefs and his own abilities. “Coolers” are able to stimulate an individual’s misfortune and disturb their concentration. Their methods are diverse and uninhibitedly crosses all registers, from the gross annoyance of a player to his psycho-emotional imbalance in an extremely subtle and often unnoticeable way. There are exceptional psychologists, with great self-control, who can make a person switch his brain activity from the left hemisphere of the right brain, stimulating an internal collapse.

Some believe in the existence of the “coolers” as a reality of the past, little applicable to the contemporary (according to Gclub online casino). But they look more like gambling “sharks” than on a phenomenon meant to incentivize the player or affect his luck. Even these individuals accept the possibility of a kind of negative karma of some people, who by their mere presence bring the misfortune of those near them. According to the general belief, the coolers are accomplices of the casinos, employed to affect the outcome of the gambling situations. They are sent to tables when the house needs to reduce the player’s advantage.

When the action on a table of dice is lit and frantic, “coolers” can be sent to that table to inhibit enthusiasm, for example. It is well known from a psycho-emotional point of view, that exaltation stimulates a player’s advantage and increases his chances of success, by virtue of an unconscious invocation of positive energies. When the “cooler” sits at such a “lit” table, due to the fine feeling he possesses, he manifests an action or even a series of actions, which can dissolve the well-being. Most of the times, the manifestation of the common enthusiasm of many people cannot be crushed by very subtle methods and that is why coolers are willing to resort to more powerful, even violent, methods. A cooler can easily pose in an aggressive brawl, which in one form or another assaults one or more participants at a game table. It is easy to understand that such an episode has a high potential to deconcentrate the player and to “inject” a dose of concern, to the detriment of the mental state according to the win. In other words, the player is induced, for the moment, the mentality of losing, karma is disturbed until that positive moment. This is possible through the unscientific, but perfectly true manipulation of the dogma of the players – called the psychology of luck.

In the casino, coolers can be both professional and amateur, intentional or accidental, friends or enemies. And the main concern should not be whether or not you will meet a “cooler”, but how you should deal with it when you are aware of the presence of one.


Robert Gombos

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