If you recently moved into a new home, you may have noticed an interesting trend happening in your mailbox. Furniture and home décor catalogs and coupons are suddenly appearing almost daily. This is a good example of businesses effectively targeting potential customers – in this case, new homeowners – with their direct mailing efforts. Whether you are just starting to explore direct mail marketing for your business or you are interested in converting more customers with an upcoming campaign, there are a few steps you can take to make your marketing efforts more effective. Here are three tips that can help your business get a better return on investment from direct mail marketing.

Determine Your Audience

If you’re launching a direct mailing campaign, it would be expensive and ineffective if you sent out a mass mailing to everyone in the area. When it comes to direct mailing, targeted campaigns are typically the best approach. Let’s go back to the furniture and home décor catalog example for a moment.

The strategy of targeting people who just purchased homes in the area works well because this audience will likely need to furnish their new space. The companies distributing these advertisements took the time to think about which audiences would be most likely to purchase their products. Before you launch your campaign, consider who would be the best audience to target with your direct mail marketing efforts.

Think About Your Messaging

The general message in your direct mailing needs to be compelling or you run the risk of it being ignored by potential customers. Consider conducting a consumer research campaign ahead of your direct mailing to determine which messages resonate with your audience. A quick poll or a mobile survey of your target demographic can be telling. Ask questions about which types of offers your potential customers generally prefer and what messages would entice them to buy. Use the information you collect as the basis for your campaign.

Work With a Direct Mail Company

If you’re at a loss with how to access your target demographic through your direct mailing efforts, not to worry. There are a number of reputable direct marketing companies that specialize in providing businesses with targeted mailing lists. These lists can be generated based on specific demographic data that you supply. For example, if you’re interested in targeting new homeowners, the company you work with should be able to pull together that data fairly quickly and provide you with a comprehensive list. Consider checking out US Data Corporation’s company profile if you’re looking for a reliable direct mailing partner for your business.

For businesses interested in direct mail marketing, it’s important to develop tailored campaigns to get the attention of potential customers. Spend some time thinking about your audience, review past marketing campaigns and conduct research to craft effective messaging that will resonate with customers, and partner with an established direct mailing company to access a targeted mailing list.

These three tips can help you improve the return on investment of your next direct mail campaign. Get started with targeting your direct mail efforts today – you won’t be disappointed with the results!


Robert Gombos

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