shadow, Pakistan’s premier cricket portal, is the first website of its kind in Pakistan that offers real-time updates to both domestic and international cricket fans. This website was initiated by and is part of ONE Pakistan, a brand name for entertainment, breaking news, web forum and one of the most famous web portals in this country.

On the website,, cricket fans can find everything they need to know about cricket matches, teams, trends, schedule and additional information. They can choose from 4 series that take place this year: India tour of England, South Africa tour of Sri Lanka, Pakistan tour of Sri Lanka and Pakistan vs Australia. Here they can watch live scores, pictures, videos, latest news and ball by ball commentary.

The top section also includes news, videos, photos, schedule, ICC rankings and browsing by countries. Each section has its own subsections. For instance, the news section includes news home, top stories, latest news, Pakistan domestic, IPL news, women cricket, blog and interviews. Users can easily share news or any other piece of information by pressing the social share buttons in the left. They can choose from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and the list goes on.

The videos section includes a complete collection of cricket videos and interviews with the best cricket players in Pakistan and all around the world. Users can also watch live TV and stream for free their favorite cricket TV channel. The photos tab contains famous photos with cricket teams and players. A great feature of this site is that each photo is dated. Some of the topics in the photo section include off field, IPL, cricketers with family, classic or cricket world cup.

In the upper right corner, cricket fans can enter the forum, where they can interact with other fellow fans and find out new information and news. The forum is also a great place for fans to interact with each other and establish connections. Many people have made new friends on the forum and went to a cricket match together.

In a nutshell, is an easy-to-navigate, appealing website that caters to all cricket fans in Pakistan. Users who want to receive updates or become part of this site can follow it on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Google+ by pressing the tabs in the right. In the lower right corner, users who scroll down can find additional features, such as polls, interviews, live streams, cricket tweets and major cricket teams.


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