Film creators in Hollywood, video game designers, and the cast of the Walking Dead have created a massive public interest in end-of-the-world scenarios that involve zombies. Doomsday preppers have laid claim to apocalyptic scenarios that will test the nerve and survival skills of all mankind. Whether or not you believe in these events, having an emergency preparedness plan is a smart way to address potential catastrophic situations.

Environmental Concerns

Depending on where you live, you might be faced with severe and overwhelming weather patterns. These might bring destruction and wreak havoc on power services and fresh water. If you live in the great sunny state of California, you might find yourself investing in emergency equipment for West Coast earthquake scenarios. When you create a response plan, be sure you address the different environmental concerns that might arise.

Pack and Go

Many times, if the area where you live is prone to disasters, you will have an evacuation route established to help with the flow of traffic. However, you will want to have your ‘go’ bag already packed. This bag should include your personal care essentials and a few changes of clothes. You should also have batteries, a portable radio, first aid supplies, and medications. Your bag should also contain a flashlight, candles, and matches.

Fast Food

Whether you have an emergency situation where you are allowed to remain in your house or you need to relocate, you will need to have a food supply on hand. Canned goods have a long shelf life, and although heavy to carry, are easy to store for long term prepping. Canned meats and beans are good energy sources as they are rich in protein.

Even if you aren’t worried about zombies, you should be prepared for unexpected disasters or catastrophes. Draft a plan for a careful response, and you will be able to keep your family safe and comfortable even in an emergency.


Robert Gombos

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