Disaster strikes and brings havoc and destruction of property and at sometimes there is the loss of lives. However, with some preparedness, some of these losses can be reduced if not prevented.

Disaster preparedness calls for one understanding the disaster and coming up with various ways of responding to the disaster when it occurs. Worldwide, disasters keep hitting countries, and little or no lessons get learnt on how to prevent future disasters.

The disaster preparedness apps are apps developed to help communities remain prepared to different and dynamic disasters that might strike a community.


With these apps, you can easily prepare and coordinate your community regarding disasters. The apps help you to have the right tools and skills that you need so as to respond and coordinate your community’s need for help before, during and also after a disaster.

With these apps provided by, you will remain in control of the community information so as to get the necessary help they need when disaster strikes.

Whatever language your community speaks, you won’t have any language barrier as the EOC-ready app speaks a multiple of languages.


Robert Gombos

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