remodelBob Dylan sang it best, “The times, they are a changin”. We all have our systems, practices we cling to no matter how impractical or outdated they seem. We understand, I refuse to to move to mid strength beer despite the economic and health benefits it may have on my life.

But it’s 2016, you walk onto a construction site and you will still see it littered with hand drawn sketches and paper everywhere. But here at GenieBelt, we have developed Project Management Software to streamline the construction process and take your company out of the Stone age and into the 21st Century. “The times, they are a changin” and here are 4 signs you need to make that change too.

Go Mobile / Digital: The good ole’ pen and paper

It’s so convenient; lying around quietly, patiently, a rich piece of human history. But is it the best way to conduct estimating? Takeoff? Bid Management? A recent survey conducted by a research advisory firm found 52% of construction companies surveyed still use pen and paper for estimating. This practice is completely outdated, unprofessional and will cost you money. You now have software such as GenieBelt that gives you instant access to budgets and reporting.

Communication: How are you talking to one another?

We have all been on the jobsite where communication between Project Managers to Sub Contractors to labourers becomes distorted. It can be extremely time consuming getting your point across to different sections of the site, which means you will be going over time and invariably over budget. Can you imagine a software where instant updates for daily tasks is just a “beat” away? We know how unpredictable the construction site can be. With GenieBelt you are able to give progress updates, upload task photos and get instant notifications and updates directly to your phone or tablet. A full audit trail. This is where Construction is heading, real time information. We know how unpredictable the construction site can be and having instant information is imperative for productivity and budget.

Document Management System: We built it for Construction

You walk into the office after a long day on the jobsite. Paper scattered everywhere, drawings, estimates, budgets. How do we manage vendors, subcontractors, architects with a paper trail of documents the size of the Suez Canal? Or there is the other end of the spectrum where you are using cloud based storage or pay for document management software. Either way you go, there are issues with practicality, cyber security and cost. At GenieBelt we have document storage and management built for construction. You can easily issue, revise and track documents and drawings with your internal team and securely share this information with third parties and external clients.

Reporting: Make it instant and easy to use

Let’s face it, no Project Manager has time to respond to thousands of emails or phone calls everyday addressing budgets and progress reports. It is borderline cruel!! Nor should they spend hours on spreadsheets, fiddling around on the computer trying to input data into a little box. At GenieBelt we have developed easy-to-use, instantaneous reporting. You are able to see which tasks are ahead or behind and get that information to the relevant parties in real time. No more labouring away at the desk or on the phone but implementing instant reporting through GenieBelt to all the relevant parties.

Well there you are, it’s easy to get stuck in your natural workflow. But implementing project management software such as GenieBelt is imperative in the current construction landscape. It streamlines project management in real time. As Dylan said “The times they are a changin”, but you can change too. With GenieBelt you can gain productivity and profitability with each project. By implementing and innovating with GenieBelt you will be able to deliver more efficiently for your clients and move your business into the 21st Century.


Robert Gombos

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