If you’re looking for services related to mold removal Southeast Michigan, you should definitely check Downriver Cleanup and Restoration and their site. They’re a very flexible team of experts who have absolutely no problem adapting to the customer’s unique needs and situations.

Having been in the business for a long time has netted the team a lot of valuable experience when it comes to mold removal and other types of home restoration. They’re super kind and helpful, so you can rest assured they will answer all your questions before starting the work. They guarantee you will be satisfied and the mold removed permanently.

Another very strong point of the company is the range of services they’re offering. You can not only hire them for mold removal, but also for carpet cleaning and getting rid of smoke stains! The list is too broad to get into here, so just check out their website at

Very professional, an easy 5 stars from me.n.


Robert Gombos

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