Access to relevant and accurate Information is always a valuable resource since it is instrumental in helping one to make informed decisions. Quest Global Benefits does exactly this; this top notch service delivery company is geared to providing candid medical information to employees, patients and employers with the aim of reducing health care costs. Quest Global Benefits has been on the frontline by offering custom education solutions to a wide audience in matters of health and the founder and CEO of this reputable company is Dr. Rick Redalen.

Who is Dr. Rick Redalen?

Dr. Rick Redalen is a household name in the health industry and he is the current CEO, CMO and founder of Quest Global Benefits. He has been actively involved in the field of medicine for over 40 years; where he has been at the core of high-end medical and educational solutions. In his 46 years in medicine, Redalen has worked as a surgeon, family practitioner, entrepreneur and emergency department director. In 1992, Dr. Rick Redalen founded ExitCare patient educational software, where he was the CMO and CEO of this company before its acquisition by Elsevier, a Netherland-based publishing company, in 2012.

Presently, Quest Global Benefits is designed in such a way to help US citizens, irrespective of their social status, by substantially lowering health care costs using insurance channels, occupational medicine and education. Quest Global Benefits is aimed at delivering cost containment programs in the light of rising healthcare costs and in this way, they have assisted employers to create a healthy and productive work environment.

Medical Expertise

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Rick Redalen has been actively involved in health care services for over four decades, right after graduating from the University of Nebraska with a Doctorate in Medicine after which he proceeded to St. Benedicts Hospital for his internship.
Earlier on, Dr. Rick Redalen had graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Medicine from the University of North Dakota. His enrollment was made possible via a scholarship from Mayo Clinic in conjunction with the University of North Dakota. Today, Dr. Rick Redalen is recognized as a true humanitarian and a major contributor to the health industry worldwide.


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