When drug stores were just drugs

The younger generation today may find it hard to believe the only place available for information on drugs, illness or suggestions on what to take for a cold, would be to go see the local pharmacist.

A few generations ago, drug stores were the place to go for answers regarding your health and/or medications. The pharmacist was more than a pill pusher, she/he knew all there was to know about colds, major illnesses and how to secretly supply you with condoms without anyone seeing the transaction.

Today, the pharmacist still exists, but due to modern technology, getting answers about the pill you found on your floor or a diagnosis after checking off your symptoms on a website, it’s like having your personal pharmacy staff right at your fingertips.

These services, plus a multitude of many others are just part of the reasons why is the leader of the pack in websites that offer premium knowledge in the medical/pharmaceutical industry.

What is this pill I found? originally started out as a website where an individual could look up any pill and get all its information. Gone are the days where having to take your child’s word on pills found in his laundry were vitamins or Tylenol.

The website is easy to navigate around while finding everything known about the drug right at your fingertip. Not only will you have a name and dosage of the medicine, it also provides you with a list of other medications the pill could have adverse reactions to.

After supplying with the information it asks about the pill, (such as numbers engraved or the shape and color), a list instantly pops up providing the user with options for the pill identity.

Other services available

Although the pill identifier option is the leading reason users go to Once there, it won’t take long to find one of the following services something you will use in the future.

1). Symptom checker: By simply checking off symptoms you may be having; the symptom checker helps the individual in understanding any medical concerns they may be having as well as assisting in making decisions about their overall health.

2). Pill Identifier: Inputting information needed will get accurate information on over 23,000 medications. Not only does this reassure the user of the correct medication but it also allows you to monitor old or outdated prescriptions.

3). Interactions checker: The most important of the tools available is the interaction checker. By inputting your prescriptions, you get an accurate list of all medications, foods, or other substances that may cause mild to severe interactions with the medication you are taking.

Be sure to bring this list to your physician with you so that he or she can monitor and/or change any medications that require immediate attention.

News and other good stuff

Current medical news is available 24 hours a day, often updating in order to remain accurate.

There are a questions and answer forum’s where people can write to a medical professional seeking answers.

Links to other helpful apps are available along with a place to write notes, reminding the user of things such as when a prescription is due for a refill. makes having to research things such as what a pill is, to what certain symptoms mean, a breeze. It’s a one-stop-shop for when you need answers or ideas to just about any medically related topic that may arise in your life.

You may not know the pharmacist by name, or the names of their children. But, what you will know is enough to help you rest better and if you can’t, Drugs. com has the reasons why.


Robert Gombos

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