If you’re thinking about starting a fundraising campaign there is nothing better than an online community of professionals that makes any idea come true through crowd funding. While the concept of conjoined forces became prevalent, Danae Ringelmann, MBA student renovated a creative solution like crowd funding into a commercial opportunity for users. In 2008, was introduced while his team of professionals Eric Schell and Slava Rubin searched for funds in different sectors gaining insight about entrepreneurs looking to raise capital.


With the objective of challenging affording artists and giving them a platform to market and generate funds efficiently, the lndiegogo insights team is pleased to note just how established it has become today. Since 2008 millions of contributors have recognized musicians, inventors, filmmakers and discovered talented artists with crowd pleasing concepts. Data and concept driven, the platform is empowered by the latest technology enabling excellent user interface.

Democratizing ideas on a single online pavement such that every campaign’s story can be passed worldwide, the team assists young and budding entrepreneurs to prepare funds for a startup (large or mainstream) to boost awareness. Bringing big dreams to life, the site offers a substantial ground by creating a campaign page, provides multiple funding options and is absolutely free to launch.


Batteriser is the world’s first micro-thin sleeve that slips over your batteries and instantly extends their life by up to 8x. Most devices only tap a fraction of a battery’s energy. Batteriser taps into the remaining energy that’s usually thrown away. The Batteriser pre-sale has launched on Indiegogo! You can now order the re-usable Batterisers for your AAA, AA, C, and D batteries.

You can visit the page by clicking right now this link:

Highly recommended!


Robert Gombos

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