While keeping up with a healthy lifestyle, we usually miss out on some of the very basic things to keep us going. Yes, the eyes are exactly what we are talking about. The care for eyes is usually neglected and we keep ourselves going unless there are severe issues to be dealt with. People when usually asked about the most important sense to them, they mostly come up by answering that it’s the eyes. However, when talking about how good people are with eyes, they are not good at all at taking caring of them. This was demonstrated as we were speaking with experts from Visionary Eye Centre, who brought some amazing things to our notice that we hadn’t thought of before. Listed below are some of the best possible ways to take care of your eyes.

The Right Diet

Eating healthy keeps you healthy, although most of us have bad eating habits which result in many health problems for the future. To maintain a healthy lifestyle it is important to take all things in the right amount as needed by the body. The important things necessary for the body could vary from carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamins that your body needs to keep you fit. Similarly, the eye has its needs that need to be fulfilled. To start with we have the Omega fatty acids that power the body cells and enhance the immune system moreover they keep the nervous system running. Lutien is another important element that keeps the eye in a healthy condition and it can be found abundantly in green leafy vegetables. Vitamins have been major players in keeping the entire body running and they similarly have a role to play for the protection of eyes, Vitamin C , which is present in many fruits and vegetables prevents people from developing cataracts whereas Vitamin E which is found in potatoes and nuts protects the eye tissue from breaking down. Last but not the least is Zinc that works as a transporter and brings up Vitamin A to the retina from the liver, this leads to the formation of a protective eye pigment, melanin.

Care while Using Screens
The time we spend staring at screens has increased enormously. From checking our phones, first thing in the morning to working on computers all day, watching TV to even checking out using screens in shopping stores. The stress and strain on eyes has increased many folds. In order to relax your eyes, make sure to look away from screen for at least 10 minutes for every 1 hour of usage. Also, since the eyes get dry, do not rub them. Only gently press palms on eyes to relax them. If needed use general over the counter eye lubricating drops after every few hours. Also blink eyes to renew moisture.

Eye exercise

Eye exercise like any other body exercise is also beneficial for the eyes. Just take out 5 minutes from you busy schedule to relax your eyes. Doing basic eye movements will help relax eye muscles. The movement relaxes the muscles of the eye and keeps your eyes in good health at all time.

Protection from Sun

Wear sunglasses whenever you go out. Various types of UV protection and polarized sunglasses are now easily available and are not even expensive. The eyes are a very sensitive organ and thus require a lot of care. Moreover always wear work goggles if dealing with hazardous material or doing some outdoor construction work. Even if you are inti sports, try wearing suitable eye wear according to the activity for e.g. eye goggles for swimmers.

Visit your optometrist regularly

Make regular visits to your optometrist to get your eye exams done. Always take good care of glasses or contacts if you use any. Proper hygiene is necessary if you are using contacts especially. Make sure to consult with your doctor for any issue related to eyes as soon as possible. Go for regular checkups so that you keep up with the health of your eyes. If you are given eye drops, use them as prescribed and try not missing out on them.

So, a healthy lifestyle is not only about keeping your tummy tucked in or getting your body in shape, instead, it is equally important for you to maintain the health of your senses, especially the eyes that have an important role to play in our daily lives. Following the ways mentioned above will surely keep you sailing smoothly.


Robert Gombos

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