In the Force of Will Card Games, different cards usually have different strengths, especially when it comes to setting of strategies, bypassing obstacles and building other stronger cards. The Alice Cluster of cards is particularly important if you plan on building Knights of the Round, which makes them really important.

Most websites don’t always allow players to purchase single cards in this cluster, but with the website, you can purchase any single that belongs to the Alice Cluster.

This site features the Alice Cluster cards in 2 categories: the Twilight Wanderer and the Moonlight Saviour. The Twilight Wanderer category features cards in the R and SR rarity subcategories. You can also choose cards depending on whether they are non-foil, foil or stamp foil.

Some of the cards within this category include the Pricia, Beast Queen in Hiding, the Dark Fartia, Shadow Prince of Ebony, Dark Rezzare, the Dying Shadow, Elizabeth, Shadow Princess of Blood and the Jeanne d’Arc, Shadow Prince of Purity among others.

The Moonlight Saviour category on the other hand, consists of the Pitch Black Moon, Demonic Commander, Demon of Black Moon, Conqueror of the Black Moon, Black Moon Fairy and the Call of the Primogenitor. For easier shopping of the Alice Cluster cards, you can organize and sort them according to their prices, positions and names. All you need to do is register for an account by providing your names, email address and password. Force of will starter deck is your best shot if you plan on learning, playing or purchasing single cards to spice up your deck.


Robert Gombos

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