Formula 1 is the premiere racing sport in the world. It is considered as the ultimate man’s sport because of the super-powered cars and the beautiful women who grace the event.

There are plenty of F1 fans in the world but it can be very frustrating for the fans because there are only limited amount of races in the world today just like other sports. For F1 fans who want to get the latest news about their favorite teams and drivers, is the official website which contains a lot of information about the sport.

The Formula 1 website is very simple. After typing the website, you are lead to a page where there is a mini video which shows the logo of the F1 with sounds of the engines of the super-charged cars.

Once you get past this, you get to see a website that is simple and very easy to navigate. The navigation bar on the top allows you to navigate from the latest news, schedules, photos, results and information about the teams and the drivers that participate in the formula one. The site also allows fans to buy tickets for the upcoming race events and merchandise for the fans.

Clicking on the F1 store will lead you to another site where you will see all authentic F1 merchandise.

Scrolling over the words on the navigation tabs opens up a sub-tab where you can get more specific categories. This will help you search for the things about F1 faster. If you are just looking for the latest news, all you have to do is to scroll down the site and you will see the latest events and headlines about your favorite teams and drivers. There are also galleries full of pictures of F1 events that you can view. Some of the photos are really nice. There are also videos of the race itself that will show you just how good these drivers are.

Formula 1 races happen all over the world and below the images you see is a list of countries in order of then the races happen in their respective countries. Clicking on that specific country will lead you to another page and give you all the information you need like date, circuit length, number of laps, records and a map that shows you the race track that the drivers will be racing on. This helps you pick out the best spot if you plan to watch the F1 live.


Robert Gombos

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