Although opening a business can be ultimately rewarding, it can also be a risky venture. Businesses require both time and money, which can hinder a businessman from being a business owner, especially since given the current economy very few small businesses actually find success.

However, having a successful business is possible. Though there might be times when the obstacles seem insurmountable, they are not impossible. One of the smartest decisions a businessman can make it to consider a franchise opportunity. It allows those who have always dreamed of having their own company but cannot afford to fail the opportunity to find success. Sites like can offer businessmen the opportunity to have their own business that by its name and reputation is already popular, giving them an edge on business success.

Conversely, just because a business is franchised does not denote its immediate success.

Before ultimately choosing a specific franchise to join, ask yourself these four questions to guarantee that you are investing in a stable company:



1. How Do the Franchisors Determine Their Franchisees?

While it can easy to be persuaded by a franchisor that immediately wants to add you to part of the franchise company, it is vital you interview the company as well. It is important to remember that they are not only interviewing you. You should also be interviewing them to see if they are a reputable company. Since it is your money you will be investing, it is crucial you know whom you are investing it in.

A franchisor that is quick to offer a franchise to anyone with the cash is often a warning sign that the company is simply about the numbers and not the customers. If you want to partner with a stable company, look to a franchise that shares your similar passions, morals, and ethics. Typically, these are the types of companies that have a powerful future ahead of them.


2. How Experienced Is the Management Team?

Research whether or not the management firm for the franchise is qualified to oversee all of the stores. Qualified management teams have the ability to organically grow the franchise to new heights. On the other hand, an unqualified team can easily cause the franchise to find an early retirement.


3.  Does the Franchisor Have the Adequate Resources?

Franchisors need to be adequately prepared to handle a rapid growth rate. If the franchise seems ill equipped, consider going a different franchise direction, as their inability to handle growth could cause the franchise a whole to close its doors.


4. Exclusive Territories?

An important question to ask is whether or not the franchisor offers exclusive territories. This question is important to the longevity of your personal franchise, for if they do not have any exclusive territories, local competing businesses in your same franchise (including your store) could be damaged by too many storefronts in a similar area.

Doing your due diligence can help you determine what type of franchise is best for your future as a business owner.





Robert Gombos

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