Posting ads in the local newspaper’s classifieds section can be a bit costly, and largely limits your market to a mostly local group of viewers. is a website that allows users to post free classifieds ads, which can be seen by anyone over the entire internet. This is pretty handy since it both costs less to the user, and expands the ad’s audience considerably.

The website seems easy enough to use, both for viewing ads and for posting them. Ads can be sorted by state and location, as well as by category, and there is a search bar which makes it easy to browse for something specific.

When it comes to posting your own free ad, there is a “post free ad” link at the top right of the GenClassified website that takes you to a screen where the process is done. Posting an ad is pretty simple. First you choose if you are looking to sell, or looking to buy. Next you title your ad, and then set the price. There is an option for location, and you must select an appropriate category.

After that its time to write up a description and to attach any pictures. Once all the information for the ad is complete, you’ll be asked for your contact information so people can get ahold of you, and there are options for contact via email, phone, and even messengers like Yahoo and Skype.

If you’re willing to pay a few dollars extra, you can ensure that your ad will be highlighted, or in the Top Gallery section for a month, but these are premium options, not mandatory, and you can still submit your ad for free without using them. All in all, it looks like a good way to get an ad out and seen without dropping the bucks that a newspaper would charge.


Robert Gombos

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