If you think that only graphic artists are capable of creating professional looking logos, then you are dead wrong. With the design service offered at the website of Free Logo Wizard (http://www.freelogowizard.corn/), anyone including you can make a corporate-level logo.

To the general public it is a simple tool to play around with is a free logo design solution. To those who are seriously after a unique and totally awesome logo, Free Logo Wizard is a one stop shop to make the best designs and perfect matching logos to any business, product or person.


The Free Logo Wizard is a simple website. It does not have the bells and whistles of high end design software. But this simplicity is its strength. Even if your computer skills are quite elementary, you can never go wrong with this website.

The site offers a single landing home page. All you need to do is to choose a tag that matches the design that you want to create. Upon clicking the tag, you will be redirected to the editor screen. It is a flash page where you can customize the texts, colors, size, and design of your logo.

The editor provides a variety of tools to simplify the design process. There is a preview button on the page which allows you to review your work. If you are satisfied with the design, simply click the download button to save your logo in your computer. You need to register first with the site, however, to do this This Logo generator is free for everyone. All the tools and designs created through this website are all free.

It is completely free, involves very little steps with easy to understand tools that help generate logo designs online in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Once you are done, all that remains is to export the logo and save it in one of the many picture formats. By using the simple yet powerful design tools offered by Free Logo maker, you can become an expert graphic creator.


Robert Gombos

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