shadow is a site that gives potential operators the information it needs to set up gaming establishments in Malta.

Geraldine gives the detailed benefits of applying for a gaming license in Malta. She explains that setting up operations in Malta, a member of the European Union, will allow operators to gain the business of the citizens who live in other European member countries.

She also highlights the country’s tranquil, tropical climate and how its reputation as a holiday destination makes it an ideal operations base. Such information gives operators a clear idea of the business potential in the country. Her analysis is thorough.

A boon is the useful information Geraldine gives about applying for licenses. She gives information about the four classes of gaming licenses given by the Malta Gaming Authority. She writes that 500 operators have already secured licenses to do business in Malta, It gives operators an overview about possible competition.

Geraldine also lets readers know why getting a gaming license in Malta is financially worthwhile. Apart from being the only country to allow remote gaming, the country’s jurisdiction protects the interests of operators and players. Licensing is also efficient and inexpensive.

However, she could state what sets Malta’s jurisdiction apart. She does not explain how it protects operators and their customers. She does not explain the thorough, three-step application process that the Malta Gaming Authority ( earlier the Lotteries and Gaming Authority) has taken to make sure that it has integrity.

The Authority first tests a business for gaming and business adequacy. It then gives it a business and technical Ability assessment for gaming before putting it through a rigorous compliance audit. This is useful information for those who may want an assessment.

In all, the site is one that operators should turn to if they want credible sources of information about gaming operations and licensing in Malta.


Robert Gombos

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