Modern society is full of many contradictions that we have to somehow balance responsibly. We all have to travel around constantly in order to maintain our livelihoods, but we are also given many social invitations that involve consuming alcohol. We are supposed to socialize for work but not get too carried away. We are supposed to work, but not at the expense of having a family life. Can anyone keep all of this in balance? The truth is, it isn’t easy, and sometimes one bad decision can come with a very heavy price. DUI driving.

Dealing With The Reality of Drinking and Driving

Balancing a social life that involves drinking and then getting home can lead to some precarious situations. Anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car after having alcohol runs the risk of being arrested for a DUI charge. In Fairfax, the consequences of a DUI conviction are serious indeed, and that’s why it’s wise to contact a Fairfax reckless driving lawyer immediately should you ever be arrested for a DUI. An experienced lawyer will deal with the courts on your behalf, and collect information that may help in your defense.

Some of the information that will be pertinent in a DUI case includes whether or not anyone was hurt as a result of your reckless driving, as well as the results of a blood alcohol test and how and when it was administered. All of this information can weigh heavily on how your case is defended. One of the advantages of having an experienced attorney involved in your defense is that they may challenge the results of a blood alcohol test if it was administered in a questionable way. If the DUI is a first offense and no one was hurt in the incident, the attorney may be able to argue for a lenient sentence.

No one should be driving while under the influence of alcohol, but if you have been charged with this crime, the best course is to call in an experienced attorney immediately, so you can build the best possible defense for your case.


Robert Gombos

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