Remodeling your home can seem like a task that you’re just not ready for. After all, most homeowners think that any remodeling job that they start is going to cost as much as their house and take at least six months, if they’re lucky.

How you choose to start your remodeling project is important though, and doing it the right way can really help you cut down on headaches, costs and jobs that go past the deadline. Keep reading for a host of expert tips you can use when it’s time to begin your remodeling project this year.

What’s Your Budget?

Many homeowners rush into a remodeling project because they need an extra bedroom or they want more space for their family. You can put it on a credit card and pay it off later, right?

The truth is that you really need to know your budget before you consider any type of home remodeling project. You also need to know how much cash you can really afford to put down for a project like this.

Credit cards are an option, but you really want to avoid paying high interest rates on expensive remodeling projects. Charging $50,000 and taking five years to pay it off could result in some massive interest payments that really don’t do your bottom line any favors.

Do You Really Need a Home Office?

A lot of people feel like adding a home office to their house will make them more productive. Over time, the extra money they bring in, either through promotions or self-employment, will help justify the cost.

The problem is that most homes with home offices don’t sell for considerably more than those that are built without them. That’s because most people still don’t use a home office for any real work. Most people can simply put their laptop on the dining table when they need to get something done, too.

The fact is that home offices cost a lot more to build than they’re really worth. Unless you’re going to work from your home office full-time, or you really do need it, try to find workspace in your existing home.

Get Real Referrals

Referrals are easy to come by if you ask around, but the advice you get when picking a contractor isn’t always great. Your painter might even be getting a small kickback for referrals too.

For the best referrals, go to friends, family and even coworkers. They’ll tell the truth about the remodeling contractors without sugarcoating it.


Robert Gombos

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