It is summer and you are excited to hit the open road and travel. Your car, however, is in serious need of an overhaul before you and your family will spend quite a bit of time in it. Instead of taking it to a retailer to clean it up, here are a few tips that can cut your costs and have your vehicle look like new.

Cleaning Plastic

While car wash maintenance makes the outside of your car look great, you will be spending most of your time on the inside. You will want to tackle the biggest source of grime by wiping clean each of you cup holders. You can use window cleaner on a cloth for this. Be sure to scrape the curve where the bottom and the sides meet. Use an automotive cleaner to wipe down the dash and consoles. There are several brands that your local auto shop can recommend.

Cleaning the Floors

While vacuuming with free your carpet of the surface dirt, you might want to give the floors of your car a deep scrubbing before you head out on your long trip. You can spray them down with a shampoo then let the cleaner settle into the fibers. Once it has finished working, you will vacuum it up. It will leave your car looking great and smelling fresh. If you can also suck up any loose debris that might be on the rubber stripping by the seats then wipe them down with the same cleaner you used on the dashboard.

Cleaning the Windows

Finally, you will want to see where you are going as you drive. Use the window cleaner to wipe down the outside windows and the inside. The interior glass can collect dust and leave a film that is hard to see through. You should also clean off any displays and mirrors in your car to complete your work and leave your vehicle shining.


Robert Gombos

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