Grapes are normally used to make different type of wines. The quality of wine depends upon the quality of grapes used in it. So you should grow good quality grapes to get the better results. You need not necessarily have a vast space to grow good quality grapes as you can grow them even in small land with poor nutrient soil.

Your grapevines must get full sunlight and have good drainage facility to grow good quality grapes. Following are some growing grape in small land with little tips and tricks that can help you in this regard.

Growing grapes tips and tricks

Choose a sloppy land: In my opinion if you have small and sloppy land then it is better for your grapevines. They do not grow properly or produce good grapes in wet land. If the slope of your land is southwest or southeast facing then you can harvest a good amount of grapes even on small land as its leaves will get optimum amount of sunshine. Photosynthesis process through sunlight helps in filling the grapes with sugar that can ultimately affect the quality of wine.

Nutrient-poor soil: The flavor and color of grapes come from its skin. If you are growing grapes for making wine then it is better that grape berries do not grow larger as the large berries contain more juice and thin skin. So to get rich flavor and color from your grapes I think you should grow tiny grapes with lesser juice and for that you should grow them in nutrient-poor soil.

Selection of grape varieties: Selection of grapes variety depends upon various factors including location, climate and type of wine to be produced.

So while choosing the variety of grapes you will have to decide whether you want to make red wine or white wine depending upon your choice. Moreover you should choose the grape variety which matures and ripens its fruits properly at your location to give you a good quality wine. In my opinion you should consult grape growing experts to select the best variety for your small land. You can also visit local vineyards to know which variety of grapes will be suitable for your location.

Plantation of grapevines: While planting your grapevines according to growing grape in small land with little tips and tricks you should preferably start from the top level of the slope of your small land instead of bottom. The rows of your vines should run in north-south direction so that they can get maximum sunlight throughout the day. The rows of vines should be spaced 8 feet apart and in a row vines should be planted 6 feet away from each other to give you the best harvest. Make a three wire framework by sinking 2 feet deep 8 feet long posts at the end of each row and in between the rows and tightly stretch a 13 gauge wire 40-60 inches above the ground to trellis the grapevines on it.

After making the framework you should generously dig holes for vines and deeply loosen the soil for proper water drainage in the land. If your soil can grow something then you need not add fertilizer or compost to it. The top of the vine pit should be dressed with small amount of compost for their better initial growth.

Treatment of the grapevines: The grapevines with strong shoots should be tied up with corresponding wire with a piece loose string instead of a wire. The shoots growing from the root of the vines should be removed but not the side shoots growing from the strong shoots you have tied up. The side shoots should also be tied up with loose string to the nearby wire to give you more grapes in coming season.

Harvest grapes: In order to know when your grapes are ready to harvest, in my opinion, you should either taste them or buy a hydrometer to measure the specific gravity of the liquid and sugar level in them. Your grapes are ready to harvest if their specific gravity ranges between 1.095 and 1.105. The dark color of seeds of the grapes also tells you about the time to harvest them.

Thus you can grow good quality grapes on small piece of land by following the growing grape in small land with little tips and tricks discussed above.


Robert Gombos

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