Guest posting could be the very best tool in SEO today. You can promote your blog/site and to get great backlinks, that might even have high rankings with a great source of link juice if on a popular informative site that is within your industry. And remember, as with making a sandwich, “The more you out into the better it becomes. And in fact to get your article posted on a good site it must also be good in content, well written, and have something built in so that it might be shared in social circles. If you find great industry sites that Focus on your niche then you will see good results.

Dirty Tricks From Some Bloggers

If you have followed the do’s and don’ts of getting backlinks you will know that we stress fresh content for every article and guest post, and so will all the there blogging sites out there. What you might not know is that some blog sites have actually submitted articles under their own names once submitted to them through articles on their sites. To stop this from happening contact the blogger and le them know you have a great article ready for them once they say hello back to you through an email. Take control of your own destiny!

Top Ranks with Top Blogs

I am sure you have seen these banners for article directories where you have automated submissions that BLAST with your article to dozens of directories at once. Guess what, with guest posting this doesn’t happen with any degree of success. But when you write an article exclusively for one blog and it gets posted with a dofollow link you are in the races for ranking higher in the SERPS. We want to let you know there is an easier way to find just the right spot to list and find lists of bloggers in one place, SEO Blog Directory is just that place.


Robert Gombos

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