Taking the life of someone is something that most people are scared about.

This is the reason why in most cases, you will rarely find that one has just killed his/her fellow for pleasure. It is always a hard time for the families that have lost their loved ones and no-one is happy when one dies. This is on the contrary, to other people as with them, they kill for pleasure. Below are some of the world’s known and terrifying brutal killers.

Charles Ng, who is a Chinese-American is one of the brutal killers who has killed about 11 to 25 people. Pedro Alonso Lopez, who is a Colombian brutal killer not only known of killing, but also raping.

He has killed about 300 girls in South America after raping them. The other brutal killer is known as Ted Bundy, who has is an American and has killed about 12 people.

After killing, he keeps the heads in his house as trophies. Besides these, the other serial killers include: Dr. Harold Shipman, Daniel Camargo Barbosa, Pedro Rodrigues Filho, Gary Ridway, John Wayne Gacy, Andrei Chikatilo – the only female in the top ten and Tommy Lynn Sells among others.

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Robert Gombos

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